Volvic® Natural Mineral Water

Born in the heart of the French volcanoes, Volvic® Natural Mineral Water acquires its specific taste and unique mineralization thanks to a journey through 6 layers of volcanic rock. Naturally pure and slightly mineralized, Volvic® Natural Mineral Water can be consumed by all, at any age, throughout life and without any contraindications. Light and soft to the taste, it is very thirst-quenching and provides a daily well-being allowing you to hydrate you throughout the day.

Volvic® Touch of Fruit

With Volvic® Touch of Fruit, enjoy the fruity pleasure! Thanks to its flavored range, Volvic® Touch of Fruit offers you a palette of natural flavors, and thus allows you to quench your thirst with pleasure! Containing more than 99% of Volvic® Natural Mineral Water, Volvic® Touch of Fruit 50 cL is convenient to carry to hydrate you any time with pleasure!